Shaunak Patel

An Experience Designer who loves seeking out pain points through deep research, and designing user-focused solutions to alleviate the pain.
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About Me

I am a multi-disciplinary Experience Designer with a focus on digital and product design. My journey as a designer began in a classroom when I was 15 years old and stumbled upon a mis-labeled game design class, which turned out to be an introduction to the overall design industry. I find great satisfaction in discovering pain points for users and designing tangible solutions that make a difference in their lives.


Other things about me

Football is a religion to me.
I take pictures to make
digital wallpapers.
Favorite artist of all time The Beatles. Currently listening to the Manwolves & Courtney Barnett.
I love a good public transit system.


Google Maps: City Transit

A 15-week independent study project taking a look at the current state of commuting and public transit and how might we make a public transit a viable choice of transport for daily commute,  day-to-day errands and first-time transit users.
UI Design
Data & ML
UX Design


reMIND is a mental health tool that helps users through daily journaling prompts, habits and hobbies trackers and most importantly reminding them how awesome they are!
Product Design
Motion Design

Heineken: AWOL Hour

Creating a Phygital experience for Heineken lovers that not only physically connects them in a digital world but also gives them a way to make real change for a fresher world.
System Design
3D Design

Barclays: Assist

A new digital banking experience focusing on alleviating pain points for neurodivergent while making personal finance approachable and easier for anyone who might need assistance.
Product Design
Information Architecture

Fun Work

Lyric Videos

I love music (who doesn't, amirite?)! But I am not good at making music, so as a designer who likes creating stuff, I started making lyric videos for some of my favorite artists and songs.

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I loved collecting wallpapers from Imgur and Reddit in my younger days, so I thought why not make some myself. I like taking pictures as a hobby and I make the good ones into wallpapers.

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